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Since 1994, we were the first in Singapore to develop personal training programmes for riders of all abilities.  Whether you are working on your first surface rotational trick, single wake jump, double wake jump or invert, we can tailor-make one to suit your ability and learning pace.

Our personal training programme consists of 20 lessons.  These lessons are conducted on a one-to-one basis and can be held from Tuesdays to Sundays (including public holidays).

You will receive personalised instruction from experienced trainers.

Programme Fee: SIN$500.00 per person for 20 lessons (maximum 15 minutes each lesson)

Syllabus (Tricks You Can Learn From Us):

Novice Tricks

  • Wake Crossing
  • Sideslide
  • Surface 180 (front to fakie)  
  • Surface 180 (fakie to front)
  • Surfing The Wake    
  • HS Bunny Hop  
  • Heelside Air (1 wake)  
  • Toeside Air (1 wake)  
  • Heelside Air (2 wakes)  
  • Toeside Air (2 wakes)
  • Frontside Lipslide  
  • Backside Lipslide  
  • Frontside Boardslide  
  • Heelside Powerslide
  • Surface 360  

 Skateboard/Snowboard Tricks

  • Backscratcher  
  • Indy Grab    
  • Roast Beef
  • Method Grab
  • Tail Grab
  • Nose Grab
  • Stalefish

Rotational Tricks

  • Toeside 180 (1 wake)
  • Heelside 180 (1 wake)
  • Half Cab 180 (1 wake) 
  • Toeside 180 (2 wakes)
  • Heelside 180 (2 wakes)
  • Bunny Hop 180 (Fakie to Front)  
  • Bunny Hop 180 (Front to Fakie)
  • HS 360 (2 wakes)
  • TS 360 (2 wakes)
  • HS 540 (2 wakes)
  • TS 540 (2 wakes)

Basic Inverts

  • HS Back Roll   
  • TS Back Roll 
  • Scarecrow  
  • Front Roll  
  • Tantrum
  • Air Raley
  • Front Flip


  • Double-Ups
  • Seated Dock Start
  • Standing Dock Start

*Progress will depend on individual ability.


  • MasterCraft X-5 (fully loaded for advance riders upon request)
  • Hyperlite & Ronix Wakeboards
  • HO/Hyperlite Life Vests

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Why register for this programme?
All our coaches have a combined 35 years of coaching experience, teaching riders of all abilities from first timers, novice to world-class competitors.

Who should register for this programme?

  • Riders who have successfully completed our Guaranteed Beginner's Course
  • Riders of all abilities (social, recreational and competitive) who want to improve and learn new tricks
  • Riders who want to ride on a regular basis
  • Riders who want a structured & progressive training programme
  • Riders who want to ride on their own without the hassle of looking for others to share an hourly boat rental

Do I need to make a reservation to ride?

How do I make a reservation to ride?
Either by telephone or e-mail

Will I be guaranteed a booking at any time I want?
No, but priority will be given to you if sufficient notice is given.

How can I register for the programme?
You can do so either in person at our office or by mail.

When is the programme conducted?
Any day except Mondays

Do I need Equipment
Basic equipment is available for use (life vest & wakeboard), if you do not own your own.

How long are the lessons?
Each lesson is a maximum 15 minutes long.  Time begins when you leave the starting dock.

How often should I attend lessons to progress?
We recommend 1 – 2 times per week; 2 lessons each time with at least a 30 – 45 minute break in-between lessons.

How long are the lessons valid?
4 months from the date of registration.

Must I register in a group?
Not necessary, all lessons are conducted one-to-one.

Can I bring a friend who is able to wakeboard?  Yes. He / she can take individual lessons on his own at regular rates.

Can Two people register for one programme?

What happens when it rains?  Lessons will continue in the event of light rain, however we will cancel lessons if there is heavy rain or lightning for safety.  Call our management for a weather update.

How can I make payment?
Cash or cheque.

Do you accept NETS?

Am I  Guaranteed to learn all the tricks listed?